Energy Statements 25A Regulation

A lot of local authorities will ask you to have an energy statement and this will be given to you during your planning application. An energy statement will show you how to meet all the required sustainability policies. The energy statement will demonstrate to you your local objective like Co2 emissions, energy costs and lighting efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

We will always provide you with a bespoke statement and we will always make sure that you are producing a document that will satisfy the local planning policy as well as giving you a key document to work with. An energy statement can also act as a valuable and accurate document that can inform you of any cost and it can also help you to aid planning as well. We do like to carry out SAP calculations and SBEM calculations as well. This will help to form the foundations of our study and it is required for a new build and conversion scheme.

A statement can provide you with:

  • A Baseline for Co2 Standards
  • Improvements for Energy Efficiency
  • Improvements to HVAC
  • Renewable Technology
  • Renewables Study
  • Local Energy Plans and Policies

We can talk to you about your planning and we can also make sure that you understand your energy statement. To discuss your project requirements, please contact us.

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