Sustainability Statements

A sustainability statement is a very popular requirement across the UK and we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions as well so you can always have a great planning application. So what can a sustainability policy statement do for you?

A sustainability statement planning scheme can help you to address local objectives and this can include everything from your renewable energy targets to your Co2 emissions and more. This can be achieved with fabric construction, lighting, efficient heating and more. A sustainability statement example is a great way for you to get an idea of what you need to expect and you can also get a sustainability vision statement as well.

What is a Sustainability Statement?

So what can a sustainability statement do for you? It is a great way for you to find out how a local scheme can benefit you and it can also help you to set it apart from your council.

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If you are finding that information is especially hard to come by and we are not fully familiar with your local requirements then we would be more than happy to talk with your planner to make sure that everything is in working order. This also helps you to make sure that you get an accurate idea of the amount of cost and the time scale as well. A sustainability statement will cover all the aspects of your form and this can contribute to securing a high standard for your sustainable development as well.

Energy Strategy

The core strategy is the most important part of your statement and it will demonstrate how the scheme will address renewable technology and obligations as well. A lot of authorities, especially the London Boroughs will require a lot of consideration for the networks and how the scheme will connect to the infrastructure. For domestic schemes, we will demonstrate a strategy that will come with SAP calculations and non-domestic schemes with dynamic modelling.

It is very essential that you report any commission that is targeted to your authority. Generic reports will often be no better than a glorified brochure and they won’t serve you any purpose either. They will serve you at a risk refusal and this will provide you with no value when compared to the scheme. Of course, it does depend on the local guidance and you should expect to cover the calculations and any surface water reporting. It also depends on the size of your development because this measures to reduce the construction and the demolition waste as well.

Depending on local guidance, considerations we would expect to cover include water efficiency calculations, flood risk assessment or surface water reporting. We may also look into the detail to try and increase natural lighting. The design for the building is also designed for flexible use and the adaptation to a changing lifestyle so this is another thing that you need to keep in mind.

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