EPC Request

Please use the below form to request an EPC where we have already completed the Design Stage SAP Assessment.

EPC Request Photo

Plot Details

Photo Evidence

1a. Ground floor perimeter edge insulation

1b. External door threshold

1c. Below damp-proof course on external walls

2a. Ground floor to external wall junction

2b. Structural penetrating elements

3a. Roof at joist/rafter level

3b. Roof at eaves/gable edges

4a. Window positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line.

4b. External door set positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line

6a. – Plant/equipment identification label(s), including make/model and serial number

6c. Ventilation ductwork insulation

By submitting this form, you are confirming that the specification incorporated in the SAP calculations has been complied with in every respect. No additional changes have been made, unless noted in the comments, the air leakage rate supplied is correct and a copy of each certificate will be supplied. All photos have geo-tagging enabled and have are photos of the above plot.