Halogen Lighting Phased Out / LEDs – No-brainer

In a boost for highly efficient LED lighting; from September 2016, energy guzzling halogen spotlights were phased out across Europe. It is one of several changes, in an effort for European countries to reach their 2020 carbon reduction targets, as per the Energy Efficiency Directive. Ahead of this there is a planned wider halogen bulb ban in 2018, when the multi directional halogen bulbs will also be phased out.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is far more efficient than a halogen bulb; it uses a semi-conductor to convert electricity into light. Halogens meanwhile, work by passing an electric current through a thin filament, which becomes hot and therefore emits light. Only a small percentage of the electricity passing through the halogen light bulb gives of light, whilst the surplus is wasted as heat.

Switching to LEDs can cut lighting electricity bills by 90%. A UK home on an average tariff will pay £126 per socket over 10 years, compared to £16 per fitting over the same period, for LEDs.

LED bulbs have dropped in price by 80% in the last 5 years. A 50W halogen spotlight retailed at approx. £1.50 per bulb, compared to £4.99 for the LED equivalent; however the unreliability of the halogen means it would have to be replaced 8 times to match the lifetime of the LED – you do the math!!!

This change, reducing energy used for lighting, will cut the UKs greenhouse emissions. Also providing lesser environmental impact due to the lower amounts of mercury in LEDs.

This is having an effect worldwide, for example Los Angeles streets now lit solely by LEDs, as is Bayern Munich’s football stadium…and the Sistine Chapel… and you’ve all just lit your Xmas trees with LED lights!!!